When Will Self-Driving Cars Become The Norm?

Many motor industry professionals believe that self-driving cars will become the norm in the future as more and more people realise the unwanted expense that comes with owning your own vehicle. The ever-rising cost of insurance and fuel means that people are becoming disillusioned with the traditional way of purchasing and owning a vehicle. Self-driving vehicles could prove the solution to this problem since they have the potential to be used similar to how public transportation is now. Instead of owning your own car, you would simply use a self-driving car as and when you need it.

Many large motoring firms are already working on self-driving technology, in addition to tech giant Google, who have been at the forefront of self-driving technology innovation for the past few years. Amazon are even getting in on the act too, as a new patent revealed they are also working on self-driving cars.

Despite all this investment from major companies, self-driving cars are still far from being integrated properly into everyday use. There are many factors that need to be considered, safety and security being tow of the biggest. However, just like with any very new form of technology, once people realise how convenient and life-changing self-driving cars can be, they’re likely to be adopted very quickly once they’re made widely available.

Although self-driving vehicles are likely to become the norm, many people are dubious. Below are some of the pros and cons of autonomous cars.


  • Convenient – There’s no doubt that one of the biggest appeals of self-driving cars is convenience. Imagine being able to travel to work each morning while being able to catch up on emails and get any work you need done on the way.
  • Safe – Safety is another key benefit of self-driving vehicles. The majority of collisions that occur on the roads are a result of human error so being able to eliminate this problem is a huge benefit that self-driving technology provides.


  • Lack of control – A lot of people don’t like the idea of not being fully in control of a vehicle they’re in. However self-driving cars wouldn’t necessarily only be self-driving, with manual controls an option too.
  • Potential for problems – Being 100% reliant on technology to guide something as large as a motor vehicle does come with some potential problems. Hackers have already managed to gain access to on-board systems used in self-driving cars and it’s a problem that companies investing in self-driving technology are doing their best to eliminate.



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