Pros and Cons of a Self-Build Motorhome

Owning a motorhome can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. The UK has some of the best places to camp of any country in the world and owning a motorhome will enable you to explore the country in a whole new way.

When it comes to owning a motorhome, you can either buy one that comes ready to use or you can build your own. Below are some of the pros and cons of the DIY route.


  • You can design to your exact specifications – This is perhaps the biggest advantage of a self-build motorhome. Unlike buying new or used; with a self-build motorhome, you can decide on exactly the size, dimensions and features you want it to have. It’s important to know that with any motorhome there is some degree of compromise involved. Generally the more features your motorhome has, the less space there’ll be.
  • A big sense of satisfaction – There’s nothing like satisfactorily completing a large and demanding project. When you stand back and can admire your work on your self-build motorhome, the sense of satisfaction you get is not comparable to buying a ready-made vehicle.


  • Getting insurance can be harder – One fairly big downside of a self-build motorhome is that it can be more difficult to get insurance for. Your self-build must adhere to strict safety standards in order to get cover and it could cost more compared to insuring a regular motorhome. However there are specialist self-build motorhome insurance providers who can offer cover at a reasonable price, providing your motorhome is built well.
  • You’ll need the right skills – Building a motorhome isn’t just a case of buying a van and adding a few pieces of furniture. In order for it to be road worthy and have the feautures you want, you’ll need a range of skills, including carpentry, plumbing and designing in order to get the best results. Not many people have all three of the skills so don’t be afraid to sub-contract certain parts of the build to professionals. It’s also important to choose a good base vehicle to start with.


In conclusion, a self-build motorhome can be a great way to design the motorhome of your dreams. However you must take into account the skills needed to build one successfully or you could end up with something that’s poorly built, or even dangerous.


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