Buying a Car When You Live in the Countryside

Although the UK has many towns, cities and villages; much of it is made up of rural areas too.

There are many upsides that come with living in the country, with people tending to be happier away from the hustle and bustle of a major city.

For example if you live in the countryside then purchasing a car comes with different considerations. Below is a guide to help you make the right decision.


If you live in the country then there’s a good chance that you might have special requirements for your car. For example if you own horses and you need to transport them then you’ll need a car that’s powerful enough to pull a horse trailer. You do have the option of buying a separate horsebox but you’ll need to get horsebox insurance if you do, which is an added expense.

You should also think about your size requirements. If you have a large family then you’ll of course want to opt for a spacious vehicle with plenty of boot space.

Fuel costs

Another key consideration when choosing a new car is the cost of fuel. A lot of people who live in the country are now investing in electric vehicles. This is because the driving conditions in the country enable you to benefit from the cheaper fuel costs over longer distances. If you do decide to get an electric vehicle then you’ll probably want to have a charging port fitted at your home, unless you have a petrol station with a charging port nearby.

If you don’t want to go full electric then you can get a hybrid vehicle as a compromise. There are many excellent hybrid models available now so finding one that suits your needs and budget shouldn’t be too difficult.


Insurance is another key consideration when buying a car. The way you use your car and the area you live will impact insurance costs so living in the country should work in your favour where this is concerned. If you want to keep insurance costs to a minimum then you should ensure that your car is always parked securely and that you don’t leave any valuables in it.



Things to Consider When Buying a Car as a Taxi Owner Driver

If you work as an owner driver taxi then making sure you invest in the right car is vital. There are many things to consider when purchasing a new car for your business. Below are some of the most important.

Fuel costs

Image result for petrol

Since you spend all day (or night) on the roads, fuel costs are obviously a primary concern. Cars with smaller engines are cheaper to run but you want to ensure there’s enough room for passengers and that you’re happy with how the car drives too so you have to strike the right balance between economy and comfort. is a great site for finding out about fuel costs for different types of cars as well as more general information about why fuel costs what it does.


Reliability is of course important when you rely on your car to make a living. The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a shift is for your car to break down. There are many excellent cars on the market that are known for their reliability. Generally German and Japanese models are very reliable, as are cars made by Ford.


Insurance is another thing that you need to think about as an owner driver. Sites such as Multiquote Taxi Insurance

Some of the factors that affect the cost of taxi insurance are –

  • Your age – Age is always a big factor that affects cost when it comes to taxi insurance (or vehicle insurance generally) simply because younger drivers are more stastically likely to be involved in an accident. Providing you’re over the age of 25 though, your age shouldn’t make your insurance prohibitively expensive. 
  • Your driving experience – Your driving experience will of course affect the amount you pay for insurance too. If you have a lot of driving experience, and particularly as a taxi driver then you can expect to pay less, especially if you have little-to-no claims and a clean licence. 
  • The value of your vehicle – The value of your vehicle is another crucial factor that impacts the price of taxi insurance. While the thought of driving a luxury vehicle can seem appealing, it will cost a lot more to insure so this is something you have to consider.

Insuring a Fleet of Vehicles

If you have multiple vehicles that need to be insured, then fleet insurance is an excellent way to do this. Fleet insurance enables you to insure multiple vehicles together under one policy rather than getting separate policies for each.

Below is a guide to fleet insurance, including the types of people who can benefit from it and the most compelling reasons to consider getting a fleet policy.

Who can benefit from fleet insurance?

  • Families – Family fleet insurance is perfect for families who have 3 or more vehicles that they’d like to insure together. Even if the vehicles are of varying values and the drivers of different ages, it’s still possible to ensure all the vehicles together on one policy.
  • Businesses – Fleet insurance is very popular with businesses for obvious reasons. There are many business types that can benefit from fleet insurance, including truck firms, taxi firms and courier firms to name just a few.

Why get fleet insurance?

Below are some of the biggest benefits of getting fleet insurance –

  • It’s usually cheaper – Car insurance has become so expensive now that people are always looking for new ways to save money on it. One of the best ways you can cut down costs when insuring multiple vehicles is to get a fleet policy. Fleet insurance nearly always works out cheaper than getting separate policies so it’s an incredibly useful way to keep car insurance affordable.
  • It’s more convenient – Convenience is always high on the agenda considering how hectic most peoples’ lives are nowadays. Having a fleet insurance policy is much easier to manage than getting separate policies for each vehicle you need to insure.
  • Insure multiple vehicle types – With fleet insurance, you can also insure multiple types of vehicles. This makes it incredibly useful for business such as taxi firms, that might have a range of cars and minibuses that need to be insured.

Where to get fleet insurance

Finding fleet insurance at a good price is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. There are countless insurance comparison services online that enable you to get quotes from different providers in a quick and easy manner. Many mainstream providers offer fleet insurance but it can sometimes by useful to go to a specialist provider since you could save money.


A Car or a Van – Which is Best for You?

Cars and vans make up a huge portion of the traffic that’s on UK roads. Many people will simply opt for a car when looking for a new vehicle. It’s understandable since cars are generally cheaper to buy and run. However there are some compelling reasons to consider investing in a van. Below are some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide which type of vehicle is right for you.

Cars Pros & Cons 


  • Wide selection of models to choose from – One of the big advantages that cars have over vans is that there’s a huge selection that you can choose from. There are car manufacturers all over the world who produce models of all shapes and sizes so finding a car that suits your personality and practical needs will not be a problem.
  • Affordable to run – How much a car costs to run will depend on factors such as the engine size and the value of the vehicle. However if you’re looking for something that’s economical to run then there are now a good selection of electric and hybrid cars that have zero tax and lower fuel costs.


  • Not practical in every situation – Cars are very good all-purpose vehicles but sometimes they’re not suitable, particularly if your job requires you to have a vehicle with a lot of space.
  • Limited room – The limited room that cars provide can also be a problem for people with large families who need a lot of space.

Vans Pros & Cons


  • Opens up career options – An extremely useful benefit that comes with owning a van is that it opens up your career options. One very obvious job you’re able to do when you own a van is working as a courier. Once you have your own van, you just need to get courier insurance (and of course customers) in order to start making a living at it.
  • More room – The extra room that vans provide are another big benefit. The spacious cabin and storage space is a big benefit for many different types of jobs, which is why vans are so popular in the UK.


  • Can be expensive to run – Vans are not particularly cheap to purchase and run. Fuel costs can add up but providing you’re able to ensure you get regular work, it’s not an issue in most cases.

Recent Survery Reveals Best Places to Buy Cars in the UK & Ireland


A recently released survey details the best places to buy a new or used car in the UK and Republic of Ireland, thanks to the combined efforts of Auto Express, Driver Power and data analysts Statista.

Polling customers and peer-to-peer recommendations from over 20,000 nationwide dealerships and industry experts, the list ranks the top 1000 based on marks received for their advice, price, offer and overall customer satisfaction.

Titled The Best Car Dealers 2017, polling occurred between September 2016 and January of this year. With over 16,000 car dealerships spread across the UK and Republic or Ireland, this was a project of some magnitude but one that will prove invaluable to existing and prospective car owners.

Thomas Clark, from Statista, explained the importance of the data:

This ranking serves as a beacon for consumers who want to quickly find out where they can expect the best advice and service while looking for a car. The new ranking pays tribute to the fact that getting the best deal for your personal or professional transportation has become a lot more complex in recent years: once upon a time it was about a single-act purchase. Dealers are now expected to help consumers in every step of the car purchase process. Forward-looking car dealers understand the changing trends – and service their clients accordingly.”

Those participating in the survey were asked to score the dealers based on previous experiences. They had to take into account how they were treated by salespeople, if there was scope to negotiate on price, the level of after-sales service provided to them and how likely it would be for them to recommend the dealership to a family or friend.

Three dealerships shared the top spot in the survey. Boongate Kia in Peterborough, Cambs, JT Hughes, a Honda dealership in Telford, Shropshire and Twells Vauxhall, a family owned dealership in Lincolnshire. To view the full list, click here.

How To Protect a Very Valuable Car

If you’re lucky enough to own a super car or other type of valuable vehicle then you’ll no doubt be aware that it can attract unwanted attention. If you own a very valuable car then you need to take the right precautions in order to lessen the risk of theft and vandalism.

With this in mind, below are some of the best ways you can keep your vehicle safe. 

Always park safely

This one should be obvious. Whether you’re at home or you’re out and about in your car, you should ensure that it’s parked safely at all times. You should always look for indoor car parks since they are much more secure than outdoor car parks. Never park your car on the street; it’s just asking for trouble.

Don’t advertise it on social media

When you own a beautiful car, it’s tempting to show it off and while this is OK with family and friends, you should avoid posting about it on social media. It’s always worth remembering that criminals use social media too and will often specifically search for posts on Facebook and Twitter from people who are going on holiday or who have very expensive possessions that could be stolen, particularly cars.

Don’t leave valuables in view

When you own a valuable car, it’s likely to be the vehicle itself rather than what’s inside that attracts attention. However you still shouldn’t leave any valuables, such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, jewellery or expensive clothing on display. This could easily lead to your windows being broken, even if the car itself isn’t stolen. Always taken any valuables with you or lock them in the glove box or boot.

Always keep your keys safe

The security systems that are used in modern cars, particularly high end cars, are very sophisticated. This means that the easiest way for a thief to steal your car is by getting the keys from you. For this reason, you should always ensure that you keep your keys in a zipped pocket when out and about and that you put them somewhere safe when you’re in the house.

Take out the right cover

Getting the right level of cover is essential when you own a very valuable car. If you own a vintage or classic are then it’s definitely worth getting cover from a specialist provider in the form of an agreed valuation policy.

When Will Self-Driving Cars Become The Norm?

Many motor industry professionals believe that self-driving cars will become the norm in the future as more and more people realise the unwanted expense that comes with owning your own vehicle. The ever-rising cost of insurance and fuel means that people are becoming disillusioned with the traditional way of purchasing and owning a vehicle. Self-driving vehicles could prove the solution to this problem since they have the potential to be used similar to how public transportation is now. Instead of owning your own car, you would simply use a self-driving car as and when you need it.

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