Insuring a Fleet of Vehicles

If you have multiple vehicles that need to be insured, then fleet insurance is an excellent way to do this. Fleet insurance enables you to insure multiple vehicles together under one policy rather than getting separate policies for each.

Below is a guide to fleet insurance, including the types of people who can benefit from it and the most compelling reasons to consider getting a fleet policy.

Who can benefit from fleet insurance?

  • Families – Family fleet insurance is perfect for families who have 3 or more vehicles that they’d like to insure together. Even if the vehicles are of varying values and the drivers of different ages, it’s still possible to ensure all the vehicles together on one policy.
  • Businesses – Fleet insurance is very popular with businesses for obvious reasons. There are many business types that can benefit from fleet insurance, including truck firms, taxi firms and courier firms to name just a few.

Why get fleet insurance?

Below are some of the biggest benefits of getting fleet insurance –

  • It’s usually cheaper – Car insurance has become so expensive now that people are always looking for new ways to save money on it. One of the best ways you can cut down costs when insuring multiple vehicles is to get a fleet policy. Fleet insurance nearly always works out cheaper than getting separate policies so it’s an incredibly useful way to keep car insurance affordable.
  • It’s more convenient – Convenience is always high on the agenda considering how hectic most peoples’ lives are nowadays. Having a fleet insurance policy is much easier to manage than getting separate policies for each vehicle you need to insure.
  • Insure multiple vehicle types – With fleet insurance, you can also insure multiple types of vehicles. This makes it incredibly useful for business such as taxi firms, that might have a range of cars and minibuses that need to be insured.

Where to get fleet insurance

Finding fleet insurance at a good price is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. There are countless insurance comparison services online that enable you to get quotes from different providers in a quick and easy manner. Many mainstream providers offer fleet insurance but it can sometimes by useful to go to a specialist provider since you could save money.


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