Driving a Van For a Living – FAQ

Many people in the UK rely on their van for work. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that people who are thinking about driving a van for a living have.

Where to buy?

Where to buy a van to begin with is obviously an important thing to know. Buying a van is not really much different than buying a car in this respect. You can buy new or used and which you opt for will depend heavily on the budget you have available. Buying new is obviously ideal since you’re getting a brand new vehicle that has less chance of developing problems and will come with guarantee.

If you decide to buy used from somewhere like Auto Trader or eBay then be sure to do your research and you know what to check for in order to avoid problems.

What type of jobs can you do?

Although there are many skilled trades that rely on the use of a van, if you’re just wanting to get started immediately then the most obvious type of work available to you is deliveries. You can work as a courier, either for a large courier firm or set up as a freelancer. Freelance work might seem appealing but it does mean you’ll have to find your own clients, which can be a challenge when you’re first starting out.

Are vans expensive to run?

Vans are generally more expensive to run than cars. Tax and fuels costs can be quite expensive depending on the type of van you own. However you need to consider the money that owning a van allows you to generate and think of it that way. Although vans are more expensive to buy and run than a car, the investment is usually worth it, providing you know you’ll have steady work.

What about insurance?

Van insurance is another part of owning a van that can be quite expensive. Vans come with their own unique risks, such as in increased chance of theft from the vehicle or of the vehicle itself. For this reason it’s always a good idea to get van insurance from a specialist insurance provider. A specialist provider will be able to provider you with a fair price considering your van and its use. There are many excellent insurance comparison services where you can get van insurance quotes now.


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